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At NineLs Marché and NineLs Business Solutions  we believe in MALT (More Actions Less Talks).
MALT is a program dear to our heart because it is simply the apport of some concerned citizens with no hidden agenda.
We have always been thinking about ways to bring some concrete contributions for a better tomorrow of our nation.  Let's check it out!

  • MALT (More Actions Less Talks)


  • A Meal For One is a philantropic initiative that we undertake at NineLs Marché and NineLs Business Solutions not knowing that we have the capacity to respond. It is simply a heatful move of some concerned citizens who want to see many of our starving kids get access to a basic meal.
    It's sad to know that this is bigger than us but we feel the desire to be able to touch
    positively these Haitian children life.