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A Never Ended Love!

Our love for Haiti has always been rock solid.
We hereby dedicate couple pages that we hope will complement the works of many organizatons and individuals working hard everyday to put Haiti back on her feet.

MALT (More Actions Less Talks)

On this website we bring couple projects that could be incorporated as building blocks toward a solid foundation for the future Haiti:

  • We want to encourage tourism in Haiti by orchestrating an apport of beautuful images from every part of the country. Visit the page Haiti Natural Beauty.


  • It's our sincere desire to make useful information available to our citizens anywhere in the world. Haitian Restaurants page is a starter.


  • Chants d'Espérance Online is our contribution toward the Haitian Christian community.
    On our site we're making the songs lyrics downloadable in PDF format to help with projection for Church Services, presentations and the like.


  • A Meal For One is a philantropic initiative that we undertake not knowing that we have the capacity to respond. It is simply a heatful move of some concerned citizens who want to
    see many of our starving kids get access to a basic meal.

    It's sad to know that this is bigger than us but we feel the desire to be able to touch
    positively these Haitian children life.